On February 24, 2023, a large fire broke out in a chemical factory in Maharashtra, India.

The Palghar area, which is about 90 kilometres north of Mumbai, was the scene of the incident.

The chemical facility apparently operated illegally and manufactured colours and pigments. 

The fire claimed the lives of at least 10 persons, while many more suffered injuries.

The fire took several hours to put out and required a lot of effort from the firefighters.

Although the fire's origin is now unknown, an investigation has been started.

Many recent industrial catastrophes in India have sparked questions about safety rules, including the fire.

Residents of the area have demanded improved safety measures and stronger enforcement of environmental laws. 

The episode has also ignited a political debate, with opposition parties accusing the administration of not doing enough to regulate business.

The government has pledged to take action to stop catastrophes of this nature from happening again.