Recruitment process has started under Agnipath scheme Full Explain ?

Recently a Scheme was launched under the central government this called Agnipath Scheme. Through Agnipath, various types of job advertisements will be published under the Central Government. Students who want to apply for these jobs can easily apply through its scheme. We will discuss the Agneepath scheme in detail in this post.

The Railway Department has already issued job advertisement under this scheme. Today we will tell you the details about this job. If you want to apply for this job then we will let you know what to do, job qualification etc. through this post. You can find all the information from here.

What is Agneepath Scheme?

Agnipath Scheme is a pm modi yojna introduced by the Central Government. The central government will provide job opportunities to all unemployed youth through this scheme. Many jobs will be provided for these Agnipath Schemes. More than 50 thousand jobs will be given. Those who want to apply for this job can apply very easily.

The Agnipath Scheme will provide employment to unemployed educated youth in all the states of India. So all the job seekers can get the job now. The jobs that will be provided through this Agneepath Scheme are Contractual Basis Jobs. Job seekers will be employed for a total of four years. Upon completion of four years, 25% of the job seekers will be kept in permanent jobs and the 75% will be retired.

Through this scheme, job seekers will get various benefits after getting the job. Such as insurance benefits, discounts for other jobs, business loan benefits. Etc. You will get various facilities. At the end of the job you will get 15 lakh rupees in your hand after 4 years.

Recruitment of Agneepath Scheme in Railway Department ?

The Railway Department has already announced a new job offer. A new notification has been posted on the official website. It was first mentioned here that it is Contractual Basis Jobs so it will be employed here for 4 years. Here are all the details.

Railway Department Jobs – How much will be paid per month ?

Since here will be employed for 4 years. So different salaries will be paid here every year. 30 thousand rupees will be paid in the first year. 33 thousand in the second year. And in the third year 36 thousand 500 rupees. And in the fourth year the salary will be 40 thousand rupees. In addition, they will be able to take advantage of all the benefits that are provided with the salary each year.

Out of those who want to be employed through this Agnibir scheme, only 25 persons will be employed in the permanent job. The remaining 75 percent of the job seekers will be retired. When the job seekers retire, they will be given Rs 15 lakh through Seva Nidhi Package.

Educational Qualification for Application of Agnipath Scheme?

Job seekers who want to apply for this job through Agneepath scheme. He/she can apply very easily. They will be able to apply only when they are appointed to the post. Through this scheme, various posts will be filled with different qualifications.

To apply here, the job seeker must have a certificate of higher secondary or a certificate of secondary must need.

Which post will be recruited on what qualifications?

Agneepath Scheme will be recruited for a few posts here. Let’s see what qualifications will be appointed in this post.

  • 1. Agnibir Genaral Duty : – For this post get 45 percent marks in H.S . And get 33% marks in each subject. Only then can apply for this post . Applicants must be between 17 and 23 years of age.
  • 2. Agnibir (Tech) : – Those who want to apply for this post should study Science in Higher Secondary and pass with 50% marks in each subject.
  • 3. Agnibir Clerk or Store Keeper : – Those who want to apply for this position should pass Higher Secondary in any subject be it Science or Arts with 50% marks.
  • 4. Agnibir Tradesman : – For this position, you have to pass the higher secondary in a normal way.

What are the documents required to get a job under Agnibir scheme ?

Students who want to apply for this job will need documents to apply for this position :-

  • Domiclle Certificate.
  • Caste certificate.
  • Certificate of religion.
  • School Character Certificate.
  • Character Certificate.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Unmarried Certificate.
  • Certificate of Educational Qualification.
  • Proof of your identity.
  • Extra Qualification Certificate.

How Apply for Agnipath Scheme Jobs ?

If you want to apply for this job, you can go to Google and search This website you can apply. Its application has not started yet. We will let you know through this post when the job application will start.

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